Once the wind farm has been commissioned and is generating clean electricity, Ratch will contribute $240,000 per year for the project’s operating life to support local community causes and initiatives. 

Applications for funding will be encouraged from local groups and could cover anything from new equipment or facilities for clubs, through ideas for supporting educational initiatives to environmental projects or programs to help local young people develop new skills.

Two separate funds will be established, both focused on funding opportunities with 10km of the wind farm.

Upper Lachlan Shire Council will manage one fund through an S355 committee, as it does with other similar projects in the area,  with decisions about which projects are supported made by a committee to include council representatives and members of the local community.

Ratch will contribute $160,000 to this fund in the first year of the wind farm’s operation and $180,000 every subsequent year until the turbines are decommissioned.

The second fund will be managed by the Collector community with assistance from Ratch, through the Collector Community Trust. Ratch will act as trustee for the fund, with funding decisions to be made by an advisory committee to comprise local community members.

Ratch will contribute $80,000 to this fund in the first year of the wind farm’s operation and $60,000 every following year until the turbines are decommissioned.

This fund was developed following the strong recommendation from the Collector Community Consultative Committee for local management of the community funds generated by the project.

The structure and draft terms of reference of the fund was developed in close consultation with the local community through three workshops held in Collector in 2018.

Ratch will continue to consult local people about how this fund will be developed and managed during 2019 to ensure that it is fully established and able to begin operating following commissioning of the wind farm.

For both funds, Ratch’s contributions will be index-linked to rise with annual inflation from the 2013 levels (when the development application was approved), and during the wind farm’s operation, to ensure meaningful sums are available for local causes throughout the project’s operational life.

The following documents are available to download:

S355 agreement with Upper Lachlan Shire Council

Draft Collector Community Trust Terms of Reference

Map showing 10km radius from turbines

Summary of Community Enhancement Fund workshops held in 2018